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November 2013
Minister Fitzgerald welcomes publication of school attendance data
10/11 Annual Attendance Data show continued improvement in attendance levels
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October 2012
Pat Mc Sitric, appointed Interim Chief Executive Officer
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July 2012
Nuala Doherty, appointed Chairperson
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June 2012
Minister Fitzgerald launches latest data on school attendance
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May 2011
NEWB announce the appointment of Ms. Clare Ryan as Chief Executive Officer
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September 20th 2010
New Integrated Approach to School Attendance, Retention and Participation
September 2010 Progress Update
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March 15th 2010
New Integrated Approach to School Attendance, Retention and Participation
March 2010 Progress Update
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September 18th 2009
Communication to schools re: new integrated approach to attendance, retention and participation
In September 2009, a communication was issued to schools, Vocational Educational Committees and School Completion Programmes outlining progress in relation to the new integrated approach to attendance, retention and participation
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May 18th 2009
Minister Haughey Announces Plan for Integration of Education Services
The Minister of State at the Department of Education and Science, Seán Haughey, TD. today announced a significant boost to the remit of the National Educational Welfare Board.
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December 11th 2008
Analysis of School Attendance Data in Primary and Post-Primary Schools, 2003/4 to 2005/06 released
Large increase in the number of schools responding to the NEWB’s Annual School Attendance Report.
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October 22nd 2008
National Educational Welfare Board and Cork City Council Award Students with Exemplary Attendance
NEWB recognise pupils with eight years or more unbroken attendance at school
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April 16th 2008
Sport is Cúl for School Attendance!
Sport helps give children a sense of belonging in school says NEWB.
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February 26th 2008
NEWB Takes First Step in Development of School Attendance Strategies at National Conference
The National Educational Welfare Board (NEWB) took the first step in the development of guidelines on school attendance strategies at its national conference today.
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December 10th 2007
Attendance and Students’ School Experiences
Findings of ESRI/NEWB study released
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November 11th 2007
National Educational Board sues former staff member
The National Educational Welfare Board (the Board) today (15th November 2007) confirmed that legal proceedings have been initiated against a former staff member.
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April 30th 2007
National Educational Welfare Board commences consultation on Guidelines for Developing School Codes of Behaviour
Working together on the school behavioural policy provides the ideal opportunity to build a positive teaching and learning environment in schools
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April 4th 2007
Cumann and play sport in school!
If children take part in school sporting activities they are less likely to miss out on their education says National Educational Welfare Board CEO, Eddie Ward
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March 13th 2007
Minister Hanafin launches NEWB’s parents’ information leaflet
Parental involvement in children’s education is key to the achievement of childhood dreams
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February 6th 2007
Public survey on attitudes towards school attendance
Majority of public are aware of the impact of poor school attendance
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January 19th 2007
National Educational Welfare Board welcomes announcement of extra staff
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December 4th 2006
National Educational Welfare Board launches new userfriendly website www.newb.ie
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October 25th 2006
National Educational Welfare Board and Cork City Council award students with exemplary attendance
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October 23rd 2006
National Educational Welfare Board supports Farranree “Attendance Awareness Week”
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October 20th 2006
Nuala Doherty, Director of Educational Welfare Services, National Educational Welfare Board
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July 6th 2006
Analysis Of School Attendance Data At Primary And Post Primary Levels For 2004/2005
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June 20th 2006
National Educational Welfare Board presents award to student with exemplary attendance
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March 27th, 2006
National Educational Welfare Board Takes First Case To Court
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December 1st, 2005
New research indicates that more think it is acceptable to miss school at primary level
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November 23rd, 2005
Educational Welfare Agency looks for EUR6.1 million extra in Budget 2006
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May 23rd, 2005
National Educational Welfare Board Determined to Make Every Day Count (Launch of Strategic Plan 2005 - 2007)
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May 16th, 2005
NEWB Explores a unique alternative to Fines or Prison for Parents of Children not Attending School
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May 9th, 2005
NEWB Draws Attention to Lack of Provision for Expelled Students in Education System
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April 6th, 2005
Minister encourages Primary School Principals to report attendance
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March 22nd 2005
Small Number of School Attendance Notices to go out this week
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January 26th 2005
School Roll Call Enters Cyber Age, First school attendance website and guidelines launched
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December 1st 2004
New Website makes reporting of Attendance data easy for schools
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November 23rd 2004
National Educational Welfare Board to recruit 10 additional staff
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November 4th 2004
School Attendance Agency looks for €6.1 million extra in Budget 2005
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October 28th
First National Data on Irish School Attendance Levels Provides Benchmark Information for Development of Education Services
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October 13th, 2004
First Data on School Attendance Shows Need for More Staff for Areas like Tallaght
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October 11th, 2004
National Education Helpline service sees growing satisfaction ratings
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September 6th, 2004
Annual Attendance Report 2003 / 2004 gives first national data on student attendance
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May 20th, 2004
NEWB reassures Limerick parents about the education of their children
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May 18th, 2004
Launch of service in Galway
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Mar 9th, 2004
Don't Let You Child Miss Out Advises National Educational Welfare Board
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Feb 5th, 2004
Portarlington Man Appointed Education Services Director at new Government Agency
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Dec 1st, 2003
Six cities and 12 towns get new Educational Welfare Service
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Nov 13th, 2003
National Educational Welfare Board Disappointed at Estimates
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Oct 13th, 2003
NEWB Pre-Budget Submission
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August 27, 2003
First Meeting of School Implementation Group
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April 07, 2003
NEWB Appoints 23 Staff
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March 20, 2003
NEWB Will More than Double Service Delivery Staff in 2003
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March 19, 2003
Schools Nationwide To Get New Information On Tackling Absenteeism
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March 19, 2003
Schools In Cavan And Monaghan Get New Information On Tackling Absenteeism
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March 18, 2003
NEWB Appoints Kildare Man
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March 16, 2003
NEWB Appoints First Staff
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March 14, 2003
NEWB Appoints North Dublin Woman
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February 06, 2003
NEWB Surprised At Work Stoppage By Attendance Officers
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