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Child Protection Policy

The National Educational Welfare Board (NEWB) respect the rights of all children with whom it works and takes seriously any concerns in relation to their welfare and safety.  Children have a right to be safe in childhood and it is the duty of each person with whom they come in contact to protect that right.  A loss of human dignity, through a variety of types of abuse (neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse and sexual abuse) will affect a child’s educational welfare prospects, and as such, it is the duty of the NEWB to act when any violation to that dignity is suspected or evident. This is consistent with the mission of the NEWB, which is to maximise the level of educational participation of children and young people by ensuring that each child is attending school, or otherwise participating in an appropriate education.

In line with national guidelines on child protection (Children First, Our Duty of Care), the NEWB has:

  • Safe and clearly defined methods of recruiting staff
  • Developed effective procedures for the reporting and management of child protection concerns
  • Identified Designated Liaison Persons (DLPs) to act as the liaison with outside agencies and as a resource person to any staff member who has child protection concerns. The DLP is responsible for reporting allegations or suspicions of child abuse to the Health Service Executive (HSE) or An Garda Síochána.

Our Policy on Confidentiality
We undertake to treat as confidential any information provided to it in confidence by individuals or others, subject to the our obligations under law, including the Freedom of Information Act and Data Protection Acts. If, for any reason, you wish that information provided to us should not be disclosed because of its sensitive nature, then you must, when supplying the information, make clear this wish and specify the reasons for the information’s sensitivity.  We will consult with you before making a decision on any Freedom of Information request received involving sensitive information that you may have supplied.

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